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Construction was always a crazy industry, but if there’s anything we learned from the last few years, it could always get crazier. Listen in as Emily and Megan discuss their journey’s to build lasting homes, interview other DIY-builders, and get all the dirty details you need to know, but will never find in those perfect Instagram squares. Find us online at the show’s website where we share all the show notes, and details about our guests. You can even book a meeting with us and soon, buy merchandise to support our little corner of the web. Hosted by Emily Marshall and Megan Woodworth

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S1 E7 Your Questions Answered

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

In today's episode of The Build Life Podcast we answer questions submitted by TBL listeners.
Below you'll find links to resources we discussed in the episode, in order.
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what do I need to do before I try to find a lender for my build?          ➡️ Download MR Post Frame's Guide to Financing
how do I approach a lender?          ➡️
What comes first: getting plans, or getting pricing?
How rigid is the financing for a Barndominium build when you’re acting as your own general contractor?     ➡️ Learn about self-building with MR Post Frame
Can my construction loan cover costs for rental equipment such as scissor lifts or heavy equipment for land clearing?
Are taxes less for Barndominiums?
What are the down sides to building a barndominium?
How long do barndominiums last?
What do I need to look for when im looking at plans for a post frame home?          Browse Stock Plans By MR Post Frame
What do I need to look for  when im looking at plans for a steel Frame home?
Why are steel frame barndos more common in some areas than post frame and vice versa?
When is the best time to build a barndominium?

TBL S1 Q&A announcement

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

This week is little different, as Emily is out of town at the International Post Frame Builders Conference. So, instead of a typical episode we're doing something special. 
We want you to email us your barndominium questions. 
Please send your questions to so we can answer them on next week's episode.
If you'd like to support the show, share our episodes with a friend! Every download and positive review makes a big difference.
Thanks for being here, we'll see you next Thursday!

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

In this episode of The Build Life Podcast, Emily and Megan talk with Amber Culley, a Pennsylvania native in the midst of her steel frame barndominium home. 
WARNING   This episode was recorded in the Fall of 2022, and since then a lot has changed. Please check out Amber's instagram page @TheCulleyExperince so you can see all that theyve accomplished in this short time.
Amber's experience is unique, not only because her husband is a union iron worker, but because her build includes a basement, a converted bus, and a tiny house. 
These folks have done a little bit of everything, and done all of it with their young daughters in tow.
We hope you enjoy this week's look into The Build Life!
New podcasts drop every Thursday, but you can find us posting all week long on Instagram.
Emily @MrsPostFrame
Megan @Woodys_Barndominium_Build

Thursday Feb 09, 2023

This week on The Build Life Podcast Megan tell's her build story. There's so much more than what you saw on social media. This episode is a little longer than normal, so we've added some time stamps to keep it all straight. 
Please be warned, in this episode we discuss sensitive topics.
6:40 buying our land
8:00 finding our General Contractor
10:00 fertility issues, getting pregnant, and a deployment
13:00 why I dove into sharing on social media
15:00 why this isn't our forever home
19:30 ordering our steel building
21:00 telling Woody bad news
24:00 book recommendations & writing the biggest check of my life 
26:00 May 25, 2021, the craziest day I never anticipated
30:00 finally, the building is going up
31:00 unexpected blessings before Woody's deployment
33:00 dropping Woody off for deployment, nothing goes to plan
36:00 our awful building erecting crew
37:30 why we were so diligent about sharing progress
39:30 our experience using a GC, I could have been a better client
44:30 the hard stuff you didn't hear about
46:00 threat of dishonorable discharge
48:20 Woody comes home early
51:00 Woody sees the house for the first time
53:00 Possibly losing our income mid-build
55:00 why construction basically stopped in February of 2022
1:01:30 "If you would have just hired a contractor"
1:04:40 my favorite policy for family time while building
1:10:00 why we share everyones homes, not just our own
1:13:00 I tell everyone, start marriage counseling before your house is done
Thank you for listening to The Build Life Podcast, new episodes drop every Thursday.
You can find Emily on Instagram @MrsPostframe, and Megan @Woodys_Barndominium_Build. 

S1 E4 Tonya Ferguson Part 2

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

This episode of The Build Life Podcast picks up right where last week's left off. 
We're sitting down with Tonya, a 2 time barndominium builder in Kansas to discuss her future plans, and ask the question, "what is life like once the build is over?", something everyone in the heat of a build wonders all too often. 
If you want to check out Tonya's home, you can find her on Instagram @RVOilers, where she shares  her incredible place and life as a big family with a home based business. 
The Build Life Podcast is hosted by Emily Marshall and Megan Woodoworth. 
You can find Emily on instagram @MRSPostFrame, or on her website, and on her YouTube channel, also named MrPostFrame.
Megan is the owner of, a hub for all things barndominium-build. You can find her there, or on her Instagram @Woodys_Barndominium_Build where she shares her home and life as a barndominium building family. 
New episodes drop every Thursday, make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out! 

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

On this episode of The Build Life Podcast, we talk to small business owner, wife, and mom of 4 Tonya Ferguson. Based in Kansas, this family has lived quite the life. Listen in as Tonya details RV living as a family of 6, building two barndominiums in 5 years, and doing it all side by side with her husband and business partner Dale. 
Tonya is a wealth of knowledge, and we enjoyed our conversation so much, that this is just part 1 of our more than hour long chat. 
You can find her home on Instagram @RV.Oilers, where she shares on the barndominium tour, giving you a look at her incredible barndominium with a massive basement.
Please support this podcast by leaving us a 5 star review, every review helps us to find partners so we can keep the tape rolling week to week. 
Thank you for listening, and as always, don't forget...
You're living the build life, to get the good life. 
Enjoy the show!
~Megan & Emily

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

There's a few go-to channels people run into on Youtube when they search 'barndominium', one of them is Emily's. The Marshalls have over 400 videos sharing their home build from start to finish, nearly 80 million video views, and 260,000+ subscribers.
Listen in on this episode as we reveal the side of building that those 400 videos left out. 
Please take the time to subscribe and leave a review, it helps the channel in so many ways!
Megan Woodworth, @Woodys_Barndominium_Build
Emily Marshall, @MRSPostFrame
Youtube, @MrPostFrame

S1 E1 Welcome To The Build Life

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Welcome to The Build Life Podcast, hosted by Emily Marshall and Megan Woodworth. 
We're here to talk all things construction, with a twist. 
Both of us are wives, mothers, and small business owners living real life, and sharing the ride on social media. 
In this episode we discuss holiday gifts any contractor would love, the old adage, "you get what you pay for", and the importance of a support system when taking on your home build. 


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